18. Venison Tikka - 14.95
Braised venison marinated with ginger, garlic, star anise and fennel, grilled in clay oven.

19. Jhinga Anarkali - 12.95
Jumbo prawns marinated in yoghurt &, pomegranate seeds, chargrilled in a clay oven with onions and peppers served with tomato relish.

20. Mango Fish Tikka - 9.95
Fish marinated with yoghurt, caraway seeds and raw mango powder, charcoal-grilled.

21. Murgh Khasta Kebab - 8.95
Supremes of chicken marinated with cardamom, mace and flavoured with a touch of semolina, roasted in the tandoor.

22. Lamb Chops(Signature Dish) - £9.95
Spicy and succulent lamb chops, long marinade to achieve the tenderness and deep flavours.

23. Kasoori Chicken Tikka - £8.95
Breast of chicken marinated with gram flour, fenugreek leaves and spices

24. Chicken Tikka Shashlik - £8.95
Chicken pieces richly flavoured with spices and grilled with onions and peppers to perfection.

25. Subz-de-Bahar - £7.95
Grilled paneer, cauliflower, pepper, carrots and red onions.

26. Paneer Tikka Ananas - £8.95
Cottage cheese and pineapple marinated and grilled.